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  • Hi there - 

    I am currently trying to add additional sub-projects into my master plan.

    However when I collapse current sub-plans and go through the steps to add a NEW plan - it gets added then when I try to expand the NEW plan it disappears. 

    I have also received the error that I cannot insert the plan into a consolidated plan - then I will find the plan I was trying to insert listed in a sub-plan outside of the master.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

    If so how did you solve for these errors?

    Thanks for the help.

    Kattie Fredrick (VML)


    Thursday, November 6, 2014 10:07 PM

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  • Kattie,

    First of all, what version of Project are you using? Is it updated with the latest service pack?

    What are the "steps" you use to insert the new plan? You say it gets added but then disappears. How do you know it got added?

    You will get an error if you try to insert a project that is already inserted into the master, so could that be the reason you get an error? For example, let's say the master contains Projects A, B, and C. You cannot insert Project A, B or C into the master again.

    If you find the plan inserted into another project outside the master, it's possible you are actually inserting the new project into one of the existing subprojects. That's okay but it's probably not what you want to do. Here's something you can do. Add the Outline Level field to the Gantt Chart view in your master. Now when you insert the new project, note it's outline level compared to that of the subprojects already in the master. They should all be at the same level, probably level 1. What do you see? If the newly added project is at outline level 2, outdent it to level 1. Problem solved.

    If none of the above is applicable in your case, there is a possibility your linked file structure is corrupt. Master/subproject structures are prone to corruption is not managed with EXTREME discipline. You must never move, rename, overwrite or save off any files in the structure and do not operate the structure over a network. Is there a specific reason you need a dynamic master? A much better approach is a static master, it doesn't have the file dynamics of a dynamic master but it is not prone to corruption.


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  • Hi John –

    Using version 2013 of Project – yes it should be updated with the latest service pack.

    The steps I use to insert a new plan is:

    1. Collapse all sub-projects to level 1
    2. Highlight the line where a new sub-project would go
    3. Under project tab – select insert sub-project
    4. Choose project from my desktop
    5. Select insert

    The plan looks as if it is being added to the Master as it initially shows up in the list at level 1 with all other sub-projects.

    When I go to expand the plan to view other levels the newly inserted plan disappears.

    That is the mystery as I cannot see anything beyond the last plan.

    This is the error I receive:

    I added the Outline field and did not see anything other than the already existing plans in the project list.

    Do you have any additional thoughts?

    Thanks for your help.



    Friday, November 7, 2014 1:54 PM
  • Kattie,

    When you say Project 2013 SHOULD be updated but I have to ask, is it? Go to File/Help. Click on the "additional version and copyright information". If SP1 is installed it will appear in the version number.

    If you do have SP1 installed and are still receiving that error message, then apparently the new project that you are trying to insert is already a part of the master.

    Update: After initially typing this response I went through all the fixes in Project 2013 SP1 and all subsequent cumulative updates. There is no mention of "fixing" the problem you describe. Nonetheless, you absolutely should verify that you have SP1 installed.

    Also, I have some additional thoughts. The process you are using is correct and that fact that the new file initially appears at level 1 but disappears when you expand all is indeed curious. Here are some things to try.

    1. If you insert the new plan at a different location in the master, (e.g. in front of the first subproject), does it still disappear when you expand?

    2. Create a new simple plan, (i.e. a couple of tasks), and save. Can you insert and expand that in your master at the same location you were trying to insert your original new project?

    3. Unlink all existing subproject from your master (i.e. select each summary line insertion point for each subproject and go to Task/Properties group/Information/Advanced tab. Uncheck the "link to project" option. Do this for each subproject and then save all subprojects. Delete the master, which now has no subprojects). Now build a new master with all of your subprojects. Does that work?

    4. Create a new blank master. Can you insert your original new plan into that master and expand (i.e. single subproject)?

    Let's see what the above yields and then go from there.


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