VS 2012 Update 1 bug


  • Hi

    I want to report nasty bug with Display Name localization in VS 2012 Update 1. It was working perfectly before Update 1 but now changing Display Name only affects Application/VisualElements tag, attribute DisplayName in Package.appxmanifest file.

    It might be by design, but when app is uploaded to Windows Store, data from Properties/DisplayName tag is retrieved and used as app Display Name. That is the main reason why I had 5 apps with English names in all locales and one with correctly localized names (compiled with pre-Update 1 VS). I also seen similar reports on this forum.

    To solve the issue I had to open Package.appxmanifest and edit content of Properties/DisplayName tag manually.

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Ukraine

    Thursday, December 20, 2012 2:35 PM