Unhandled exception at 0xe92d5000 in tester_mobile.exe: 0xC0000005: read address 0xe92d5000 RRS feed

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  • my code is


    The value of data is valid.

    desassembly codes are:

    void COverlapObject::Recycle_per_io_data(SPerIoDataOverlap* data) { 781B36E8 mov r12, sp 781B36EC stmdb sp!, {r0} 781B36F0 stmdb sp!, {r12, lr} 781B36F4 sub sp, sp, #4 data->Set_observer(NULL); 781B36F8 mov r1, #0 781B36FC ldr r3, data, #0xC 781B3700 ldr r3, [r3] 781B3704 add r3, r3, #8 781B3708 ldr r0, data, #0xC 781B370C ldr r3, [r3] 781B3710 mov lr, pc 781B3714 mov pc, r3 //crash at this line CDynamicBufferManager<SPerIoDataOverlap>::Instance().Recycle_buffer(data); 781B3718 bl |CSingleton<CDynamicBufferManager<SPerIoDataOverlap>,255>::Instance ( 781ab9ach )|


    memory infomation:

    AKY=00020001 PC=e92d5000(???+0xe92d5000) RA=781b3718(libpercy_mobile.dll+0x00113718) BVA=e92d5000 FSR=00000405

    I've tried mobile sdk 6.5.3 and 6. The same problem.

    PS:I made a structure derived from a class. Is this the reason of the crash?

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  • Is there any other reasons about the crash?

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    Tuesday, October 2, 2012 9:35 AM