Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.Getting this error when setting up Directory permissions in RRS feed

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  • I have a windows from application in which I am trying to write a log file to a particular folder for which only the admin users have access to.I can write the file to the particular folder only if I am running my application as an admin. But now I want to give access for writing the file even if my application is not running in admin mode. But I get an error saying that the while doing that"Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation".  Here is my code. Could some one suggest me a solution.

    Public Sub WriteToFile(ByVal sMessage As String)        Try            Dim FilePath As String = "C:\ProgramData\WriteFileFolder"            Dim UserName As String = System.Environment.UserName         

    Dim DomainName As String = System.Environment.UserDomainName 

    Dim UserAccount As String = String.Format("{0}\{1}", DomainName, UserName)                    Dim dInfo As IO.DirectoryInfo = New IO.DirectoryInfo(FilePath)            Dim dSecurity As DirectorySecurity = dInfo.GetAccessControl()          Dim irUser As IdentityReference = New NTAccount(String.Format("{0}\{1}", DomainName, UserName))   

    Dim objrule As FileSystemAccessRule = New FileSystemAccessRule(irUser, FileSystemRights.FullControl, AccessControlType.Allow)            dSecurity.AddAccessRule(objrule)            dInfo.SetAccessControl(dSecurity)                Dim sb As New StringBuilder()           

    sb.Append("Time:").Append(DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff")).Append(Chr(9))           


    Using writer As New StreamWriter(FilePath, True)       


    writer.Close()            End Using      Catch ex As Exception           

    My.Application.Log.WriteException(ex)      End Try    End Sub

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  • Hello,

    Your best option is to select another folder that does not require special permissions in this case. That will save you lots of undue trouble otherwise.

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  • It is likely that when you created the C:\ProgramData\WriteFileFolder you did so when running as an Administrator.

    Consequently, any changes to the security descriptor for this folder must be made by an Administrator.  This would be the reason for the "unauthorized operation" exception

    Had you created the WriteFileFolder folder when running as a standard user then the account used to create the folder would have sufficient permissions to change the security descriptor.

    And if you only want to grant read/write access, then using Full Control is excessive.

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