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  • Greetings,

    I have a working solution using/involving Outlook 2010, Infopath 2007 form/client on Win7 Entpr & Sharepoint 2007 Std. However when I modified and upgraded the Infopath 2007 form using Infopath 2010 Designer and published new version to new form lib on same SP2007 site it no longer works when trying to save changes on submitted form if form was opened using link in Outook. Doing such Save gives Infopath error dialog 'Form locked by user (AND ITS LOCKED MY MY OWN USER) - the current user. This if the form is opened via link in an Outlook email - that is form is opened 'outside of Sharepoint'. If the form is opened directly in the form library - opening and saving work fine. No issue.

    The only difference I can visibly detect in the process from the working version is when submitting/saving (external to Sharepoint) is the form dialog first shows message Contacting: 'link to server/site/form lib' and this link goes via /davWWWRoot/ after that connection link dialog changes to the known Saving:  'link to server/site/form lib'  and this time the URL is the expected (without /davWWWRoot). (maybe Infopath 2007 did do davWWWRoot too just wasnt shown during submit/save but it still worked/works in 2007)

    Something with Infopath 2010 Filler, when submitting forms to Sharepoint form lib, seems forst to establish a Connction through the davWWWRoot URL and only then Submit to the regular/known URL without the davWWWRoot part. And so my theory around the lock error message is that this caused the lock. Locked when it opend and so Save will fail (same user)

    Any suggestions on getting around this lock error message ? Where and why to control Infopath 2010 going over davWWWRoot or is that not even the issue...?



    Friday, June 17, 2011 1:57 PM