Calling all Blend for HTML users

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  • Hey folks,

    I work on the Blend for HTML team and was interested in your experiences using our product. Are there any features you like? Would you like something to be easier to accomplish in Blend? Do you have feature requests? Please sound off here with your questions and comments. Your time is much appreciated.

    - Avani Chandrasekaran

    Friday, June 7, 2013 8:26 PM

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  • The ability to see the code change live when you change something in design view or even changing the code view and seeing the results instantly in design view is invaluable to beginners in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. To not just get lazy and rely on the design view, seeing the code and understanding what you just did.
    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 5:43 PM
  • Hi Avani,

    Blend is a nice tool.  A feature which I wish it had is the ability to get the code window undock and put it in another monitor.  With multi monitor I could put properties window, live DOM window, attributes window ... in other monitors but couldn't undock code window from the top level window. I like the code and design view windows in separate monitors. 


    Saturday, June 22, 2013 10:26 PM
  • Thank you both so much for your feedback. This is great to know :)

    - Avani Chandrasekaran

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 4:58 PM