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  • Hi,
    Hope I'm asking this in the right place?! :-) Apologies if not.

    I wish to display targetted ads on my site but I'm looking for a solution that lets me supply which keywords should be used to retrieve the adverts. The reason is that the ads will appear on a page which contains an interactive application and as such does not have any reliable "content" which may be analysed to determine which ads to display (as systems like Google's tend to do). The keywords that would determine the ads come from internal application data. I am (really really) hoping that there is a solution here with the adCenter API?

    Basically, I supply a list of keywords which then retrieves, for example, a single skyscraper ad or perhaps 3 small 125x125 ads, etc. with an image and the corresponding urls.

    I'd appreciate any pointers if people know of a suitable service if adCenter is not the one :)

    Thanks in advance!!

    Sunday, November 23, 2008 5:24 PM


  • Hi Bill,

    It sounds like you are interested in our publisher offerings. We currently have a pilot for publishers ongoing. You can find more information and apply to be a beta tester here: http://advertising.microsoft.com/publisher 
    It's currently a limited beta and only available for selected US based publishers. It will allow contextual search ads on pages containing applications, but you most likely need to apply to determine if it will accommodate your specific situation.

    Also, it sounds as though you are interested in display, rather than search ads? This page includes an overview of the different options available, depending on the size of your site.
    http://advertising.microsoft.com/publishersolutions Also, you may want to contact an adCenter representative to discuss what you have in mind.


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    Monday, November 24, 2008 5:53 PM