How to copy text from one column and paste to the end of pre exsisting text in another column. RRS feed

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  • In Excel, I'm sure there was a way to make a macro or function that copy's text from an entire column from either another file or the same file to the end of text for each entry in another column.

    I have a column of numbers that go to links to a websites inventory. each link is exactly the same but the difference is each one will use that individual number at the end.

    I cant remember if its possible to make this second column (after I put the beginning of the URL in question) duplicate the information from another specified column by adding it to the end of the pre existing information in the desired column.


    1          |          -change to-

    2          |          -change to-

    3          |          -change to-

    4          |          -change to-

    5          |          -change to-

    And there are thousands of entry so its not so simple as to do it manually.


    Also a side note. the numbers also sometimes contain letters(a) and dashes(-).

    Also if its possible I could just make 3 separate columns that have 1/3 the link and can somehow remove the boarders between them to make into a full URL


    | | 1 | .jpg |

    then merge the rows into

    | |

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  • Alright I found out how to do it. I needed to use Word.

    I did what I wanted to do with the 3 separate columns, but then I copied all 3 columns and pasted them into word and chose to keep text only. then pressed ctrl + H to replace all the spaces in the document with nothing and then I was left with all perfectly working URLs. After that I of course pasted that information into a new column in Excel and I was done.

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