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    I have a Parent.vhd and and Child.vhd where the Child.vhd is a differencing disk with Parent.vhd as it's parent.


    I compressed Parent.vhd, not knowing that doing so would screw up 'the Child.vhd differencing disk, so now when I go to start my VM running the Child.vhd, I get a series of 'One or more arguments are invalid' error messages.


    When I try to inspect Child.vhd I get "An error occured when attempting to retrieve the virtual hard disk [path]\Child.vhd on localhost. The parameter is incorrect".


    I tried to edit the disk, and found an option to Reconnect the Child.vhd to the Parent.vhd but this too is failing with: "Reconnecting the virtual disk [Path]\Child.vhd with its parent disk [Path]Parent.vhd failed. The operation was passed an invalid parameter".


    Lesson 1 is to never compress a parent disk, I guess, but am I completely hosed here or is there any recourse to get Child.vhd back in working order?


    Many thanks,


    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 6:34 PM

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