Sending on behalf of outlook mail box RRS feed

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  • I've written a windows service that sends email through 5 exchange mail boxes using EWS.

    These email boxes are “Emailed Enabled Contact Accounts”; (they are service accounts and an email box).

    A new requirement came in to have each of the 5 post offices send on behalf of one COMPANY_GROUP mailbox.

    Our company has a policy stating that only 10K emails can be sent for one mailbox per day, after that email sending will be stopped on the COMPANY_GROUP mailbox.

    We have many more than emails to send than that per day, hence the service to send the emails using 5 mail boxes.

    My example scenario is:

    1. In one day I send 10K emails through each of the 5 email boxes, all of them on behalf of our COMPANY_GROUP mailbox for a total of 50K per day...

    My question is:

    Will this 50K count be incremented on the COMPANY_GROUP mail box?

    If this is true, then after the 10K limit for the COMPANY_GROUP mail box has been reached the 10K per day shutdown will happen?

    If this is true, is there a way to not have these send-on-behalf emails to not be counted on the COMPANY_GROUP mail box

    Richard Loba

    Thursday, June 9, 2016 7:31 PM