Bluetooth LE and WPF on Windows 10, using Xamarin.Forms. Can it be done? RRS feed

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    First, I feel I should make my case for wanting to do this: We have a small company that wants to support an app that is on iOS, Android and WINDOWS. Currently, we have a couple of Xamarin.Forms apps deployed on iOS & Android, and a WPF app for Windows 7 and 10, using a Bluetooth LE dongle. The dongle approach has obvious drawbacks, especially as more and more customers are moving into Win10 machines with native BLE support.

    One obvious "solution" would be to have 2 windows apps -- a WPF version for older machines using the dongle, and a UWP version which does not use it. But, I know my company well enough to know that they will think this is very confusing for the customer. Plus, we would need to validate and maintain two separate apps.

    I've also noticed recently "news" that Microsoft is backing away from their stance that UWP is the right way to do things in the future, and that they will be providing all those Win10 goodies (hopefully, including BLE support) in a rational way going forward to other frameworks like WPF.

    It would be ideal for me to have a single app which would run on both Win7 & Win10, detect whether BLE is natively supported, and use dongle if not. I think this would need to be a WPF app.

    CAN it be done? SHOULD it be done?

    OR, maybe someone will say, best idea is to make an installer that figures it out, then installs the "right" program?

    Thank you all for any input on this!

    Friday, May 24, 2019 4:44 PM

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  • User246263 posted

    I'm looking for similar functionality. One app for iOS, Android and UWP using Xamarin.Forms which will connect to a device using Bluetooth connectivity and fetch that device data. I have check ble.net package but it says "UWP API can listen for advertisement but is not yet able to connect to devices". Can anyone help me into this?

    Monday, July 1, 2019 9:48 AM