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  • Hi All,

    I am trying to run my unsigned microsoft certification (signed with EV certificate) virtual audio driver by Disabling driver signing enforcement mode. It works fine if I shutdown my PC, but It gives digital signature issue if I restart my PC even after disabling signing enforcement from advanced options. as shown is attached Images. If I restarts my PC in test mode then my driver does not give any error, It works just fine.

    Can anyone please guide me how should I handle this or what I am doing wrong.

    Thanks !!

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016 7:21 PM

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  • Hi,

    You need to disable Secure Boot in UEFI firmware setup menu (BIOS).

    And enable test-signing in Windows.

    Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:18 AM
  • Hi Wang,

    Thanks for you response. I don't want to make it work by enabling test-signing mode (because it creates a water mark and also allows other unsigned driver and malware to get access). I want to make it work by disabling enforcement mode only. or if you can guide something related with coding style of new universal driver which is not allowing me to do so because Ideally It should work perfectly by disabling singing enforcement mode. and moreover it works properly but digital signature fails when I restart my PC. When I run HLK test on my driver following are the list of failed tests :

    1.  Audio Logo Test - Basic
        Error : Endpoint of this audio device driver not found. (there is no endpoint because this is virtual audio device not 
        any physical audio device)
    2.  Audio Codec - General Audio Test - WinBlue
        Error : Failed to retrieve pin property KSPROPERTY_PIN_PHYSICALCONNECTION 0x490 on pin 1. (there is no physical connection since it is a virtual audio driver)
    3.  Audio Codec - Hardware Offload of Audio Processing Test - Basic
        Error : Audio device supports audio, but has no audio endpoints!
    4.  Audio Codec - KS Position Test
         Error : Failed to get property 
    5.  HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test
         Error : Unable to understand error
    6.  Embeeded Signature Test
         Error : no log information is there
    7.  Audio Codec - Wave Test - Basic
         Error : The selection criteria did not match any tests

    According to my understanding I think Embedded Signature test or Hypervisor Code Integrity Reaediness Test are causing it to Fail.

    Any Idea what is going wrong with my code.

    Thanks !!

    Thursday, December 22, 2016 6:03 AM