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  • Please recommend solution Please validate if technical requirements map to Microsoft Teams or they also need MS Yammer will this be fine according to below scnerio??

    Unified Platform for Enterprise-Level Communication & Collaboration

    Customer is seeking for a unified communication & collaboration tool to streamline work communication that allows employees to collaborate, share and organize their work using modern communication tool. It will be in operation for more than 10,000 users and will be deployed for more than 42 offices/departments at different locations. The required tool will be used as single platform where organizations related communication will be recorded.

    The proposed solution should have the capability of prioritizing, managing and escalating the issues of relevant departments, in providing effective coordination between different teams and early resolution of issues keeping the management informed at the same time.

    It should serve as a knowledge base for all inter-department and intra-department communication and information sharing which will help in taking proactive measures in order to achieve the desired bottom line of the government departments.

    It should incorporate all necessary requirements for implementing a complete digital workspace solution. All information will be stored on a single platform rather than being distributed over different apps which will be easily accessible to users resulting in minimized overall time spent and improved productivity.

    The solution should comprise of the following features as part of the single unified communication & collaboration application for all its users.

    1. Individual/Group Chats.

    Chat is an essential feature for all kinds of formal/informal communication within departments. The solution should have a built-in web and mobile chat app for having quick one-to-one discussions as well as a group chat. The content shared on the chat should be saved on backend server and have basic audio/video calling functionality.

    1. Social Feed with post, comment and replies thread management.

    Most of the social collaboration applications have Newsfeed with post features. These features not only allow users to easily share information and documents but also enable audience to comment, like and acknowledge the information.

    The proposed solution must meet the latest requirements of social collaboration applications and appearance and feel should be in resemblance to the eminent collaboration/social applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.

    1. Groups Management.

    Network Admins should have access to control which users on the network can create new groups on the network. This will help provide more control over the content generation within the network. Admin can add users to a whitelist. All users in whitelist can create groups and become group admins of the groups they create.

    The network administrator may edit any group in network to change its membership and configure group settings.

    1. Customizable User & Groups Notification.

    The proposed Unified Communication & Collaboration Tool should have a distraction free environment to users by giving the ability to customize notifications according to their preference. It should support smart notifications which allow users to further enhance their experience. Enabling smart notifications turns off push notifications on smartphone while a user is online on web app.

    1. Document Preview & Collaboration.

    The documents and multimedia files shared in posts or chat should be preview-able. Users shouldn’t rely on any third-party app to view the files shared with the content in the solution. The solution should have ability to show previews of widely used documents and multimedia file types. Additionally, text and document collaboration feature should allow users to annotate/mark up text within documents.

    Admin Controls.

    The administrator of the network must have comprehensive admin panel to manage users, groups, content and other network settings. Administrators should have access to view details like network name & logo, when a network was created, the name of the person who created the network, and a list of any other network admins.

    The network name may also be the domain name used to sign up for application. The network administrator may grant and revoke privileges of other users. Application should allow adding multiple admins as required. All admins must have the rights to control and manage content, network settings and groups.

    1. User directory & management.

    There should be a user directory that shows all users names along with designations/roles. The other users may visit their profiles for picture, contact and email details. Admin should be able to add and remove users from network.

    1. Search Option with filters.

    All the information shared on unified tool must be searchable from a unified search bar. Whether it is a content shared in a post, comment, chat or file shared, the tool must show search results with advanced search filters to narrow down the search results.

    1. Voice & Video Calling.

    The proposed solution should support voice and video calling feature within whole network. It should also support conference calling feature for internal meetings and informal communication.

    1. In-transit and at-rest encryption.

    The solution should use latest technologies to secure the communication and files shared with users. Both in-transit and at-rest encryption & data security features should comply with bank-grade security standards.

    1. Web, Desktop and Mobile (native iOS & Android) Apps.

    Unified Platform must have web, desktop and native mobile applications that works seamlessly with all features across different devices. The users should have liberty to access their accounts from any kind of devices.


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