SC Mobile:We find the page of our game "Monster Castle" lacks an important link


  • It's SC Mobil here .

    Recently we had a game called Monster Castle(MD:7b926e8e-f6f2-47ca-b55a-1aad8e1dd577   TITLE:Monster Castle) published here.Everything else is just fine thanks to your support except one detail.The publisher name  SC Mobile on the left side of the page below the logo of the game lack a hyperlink which would be linked to a new  page to show our company's other products.What's more,below the publisher name it doesn't show the links of our other games which are also published here . 

    Another game of ours (MD:c4b60b69-b7ed-44bd-ba01-765840739ae1      TITLE:爱猜游戏) is OK.When the publisher name is clicked,the game  Monster Castle is shown on the new page.

    It would be great help if you may deal with it as soon as possible.Thanks a lot.

    Any question please contact

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    Friday, November 7, 2014 8:33 AM

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