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  • Perhaps my subject line is not clear.
    This is what I mean, using a simple example.

    Say my dataset comes from the following SQL

    from sometable
    where calendarID between <ID_lower> and <ID_upper>

    Basically, I'm retrieving somenumber for a range of calendarIDs.

    With this info, I want to calculate the difference of somenumber between one period to the next.
    Now, I know this can be done really easily if I set this up as a cube.
    But, right now, I am confined to working with relational data.

    I also know there is a way to write a T-SQL to include the difference in my dataset, but before I do that, I was wondering if I can do the following.

    I would still use the same dataset SQL as above, so I still have only two columns, CalendarID and somnumber.
    So on my report layout, I would bring in these two columns. In addition, I'm thinking I can bring in a third column that I will show the period to period difference and it would do that by somehow recognizing the current row's somenumber and the previous row's somenumber. Can you do this kind of cell referenced calculation right on the report layout?

    Monday, March 30, 2009 5:54 PM


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