how to automatically save new file into document library with a unique name ?

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  • i have Create a form using Ms Word Document 10 exemple of document like contrat type job, so that users will be able to fill in the required fields. then i have create a content type and upload the Ms word from to be used as a template.

    After i create a document library and enable the content type and associate the above form the library, so that when user click on new button the form will open.

    That is good all goes fine till here

    Nom my problem is when user clicks on new contrat type and save the file back in library and save with he/her name of user automatic

    exemple User X choice Contrat type CDI then when save modify save as CDI-X.doc  

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017 10:37 AM

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  • Hi Yacine, You can achieve this via workflow. Create a "set" Action in a sharepoint designer workflow to Concatenate  "Title" + "User Name" (which would be "Created By" or modified by) .

    However, I would recommend staying away from having multiple metadata fields in one such as Title + UserName. Instead, create an out of the box Documents Center to ensure uniqueness of documents. Implement managed metadata as much as you can as well to help maintain, organize, and filter your documents optimally.

    Here is some more information.

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