ui spy find text but cannot find it with ui automation element


  • I want to read text out of a custom label in a mail item form of Outlook 2010.

    With the normal mailItem.Userproperties or ItemProperties, the Label does'nt come.

    So I'm trying to get the text with AutomationElement in c#.The text is visible, I can read the text, but may be an other Textbox/Label lay over it with transperancy. In Outlook the Label has a Name.

    I started UI Spy.exe and the software show me the text like this:



     Name: ""



       Value: SearchedText

    I tried a lot to get the SearchedText with the AutomationElement, but nothing can find the element, or get the SearchedText.

    Friday, October 11, 2013 9:09 AM

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