For Archive storage, does $listOfBlobs.icloudblob.setstandardblobtier("Archive") trigger a read operation for every blob in the list RRS feed

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    • First, does Get-AzureStorageBlob trigger a read operation when in Archive storage ? I assume not given it appears to be metadata, and metadata has been stated to not incur a read cost.
    • Second, I have been using icloudblob.setstandardblobtier to set all the blobs to Archive. I could just as easily loop through the list and set the individual blobs archive. The icloudblob.setstandardblobtier is much cleaner, but if there are numerous blobs in there that are already at the archive tier, then I want to know if I'm incurring their read costs, as I do not need to reset them to archive, when they are already archive. I would think the below to pieces of code would have the same read costs. I would think the non loop version would be smart enough to see it was already archive, and skip, but I want to be sure.


    Foreach ($blob in $listOfBlobs) { 
            if ($blob.ICloudBlob.Properties.StandardBlobTier -eq "Cool"){
                #set blob tier here to Archive

    Thursday, October 18, 2018 12:14 PM


  • 1- Since the first action lists blobs(doesn't read the content), it should be considered as "All other Operations (per 10,000), except Delete, which is free" mentioned in the following chart I'm not 100% sure that it would be considered as "read" since you are only listing the content of containers not reading. 

    2 - Setblob tier, would it charge if a blob is already in archive tier? 
    Answer: No, based on the below from the linked documentation, you will be charged only based on moving tiers: Hot to cold, cold to archive etc..., but not archive to archive.

    "When a blob is moved to a cooler tier (Hot->Cool, Hot->Archive, or Cool->Archive), the operation is billed as a write operation to the destination tier, where the write operation (per 10,000) and data write (per GB) charges of the destination tier apply. If a blob is moved to a warmer tier (Archive->Cool, Archive->Hot, or Cool->Hot), the operation is billed as a read from the source tier, where the read operation (per 10,000) and data retrieval (per GB) charges of the source tier apply."

    Let me know if this helps

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