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  • I'm creating a Help Viewer documentation for my software library. I know that it can be integrated in Visual Studio 2010's help system, I can do it manually. But eventually, my library's setup application should automatically install and uninstall that documentation.

    Did anybody ever manage to get this working? I've had problems installing a documentation, but don't know which anymore. Running as administrator is no problem from within the setup context.

    Uninstallation is entirely impossible right now. I've tried with the following call:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Help Viewer\v1.0\HelpLibManager.exe" /product VS /version 100 /locale de-DE /uninstall /mediaBookList "MyLib" /vendor "MyName" /productName MyLib

    The help manager window opens, but it just stays there on the main entry page and didn't remove any content at all. The Windows event log only logs my call with the arguments, but no further information.

    The help manager /? documentation is all I have and I think I followed it completely. It just doesn't do anything useful. Any advice?

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