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    What's the difference between storing data using Viewstate and Hiddenfields. I know both of them store data inside the page. and viewstate can be encrypted but hidden fields will be stored as plain text. is there anyother difference?

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    Hidden field value can be changed using javascript at client side based on user interaction if needed.

    In fact ASP.NET uses one or more hidden field (usually __VIEWSTATE) for the functioning of ViewState.

    More from MSDN below.

    The ViewState property provides a dictionary object for retaining values between multiple requests for the same page. This is the default method that the page uses to preserve page and control property values between round trips.

    When the page is processed, the current state of the page and controls is hashed into a string and saved in the page as a hidden field, or multiple hidden fields if the amount of data stored in the ViewState property exceeds the specified value in the MaxPageStateFieldLength property. When the page is posted back to the server, the page parses the view-state string at page initialization and restores property information in the page.

    You can store values in view state as well. For more information on using View State, see ASP.NET View State Overview. For recommendations about when you should use view state, see ASP.NET State Management Recommendations.

    ASP.NET allows you to store information in a HiddenField control, which renders as a standard HTML hidden field. A hidden field does not render visibly in the browser, but you can set its properties just as you can with a standard control. When a page is submitted to the server, the content of a hidden field is sent in the HTTP form collection along with the values of other controls. A hidden field acts as a repository for any page-specific information that you want to store directly in the page.

    Security note Security Note

    It is easy for a malicious user to see and modify the contents of a hidden field. Do not store any information in a hidden field that is sensitive or that your application relies on to work properly. For more information, see ASP.NET State Management Recommendations.

    A HiddenField control stores a single variable in its Value property and must be explicitly added to the page. For more information, see HiddenField Web Server Control Overview.

    In order for hidden-field values to be available during page processing, you must submit the page using an HTTP POST command. If you use hidden fields and a page is processed in response to a link or an HTTP GET command, the hidden fields will not be available. For usage recommendations, see ASP.NET State Management Recommendations.

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