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  • I bought an mpeg2 encoder SDK - a .NET library because in gneral Im a .NET kinda guy these days - I used to play with C++ and MFC but I dont have that environment installed, just mvs.net 2003. The problem is that the SDK relies on directshow libraries - When I try to build a sample application based on the SDK I get a ton of namespace and undefined issues.  Apparently I need to build the directshow baseclasses.

    The SDK's documentation states a requirement for DirectX 8.1 Media SDK or DirectX 8.1 SDK. I cannot find any place from which to aqwuire these versions from microsoft.
    Im using windows xp pro and have installed directx sdk (dec 2005) with the feb 2005 update and the microsoft platform sdk.

     I found a folder for the baseclasses under the microsift platform SDK - even saw a makefile - but no project files to build.

    I have no idea how to build the baseclasses either from inside vs.net (if possible) or from a command line util that i don't even no the name of - help!

    Monday, July 2, 2007 4:02 PM


  • Well, with the current version of the Windows SDK there is a solution with them. But if you need to build them without using a project, then it isn't too difficult. Create a new static library project and then add all cpp files to the source files part in solution explorer and the h files to the include files part. There could be one or two compiler errors but that is because this was first written for VC6.

    But as long as you have set up your environment correctly, the DX9 SDK is OK since it is backwards compatible.

    Monday, July 2, 2007 4:31 PM