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  • I am doing some COM Interop work, and in a number of places on MSDN it mentions that I should be able to place my assembly in the application directory (avoiding the GAC.)


    One option I found was /codebase.  It avoids the need for the GAC, but hardcodes the assembly path in the registry - not what I was looking for.


    There's also the poorly documented /asmpath option, but I am not sure that does what I need it to do.


    If I don't use any special options,  no info about the assembly's DLL seems to get placed into the registry, and the only way to find the DLL seems to be using the GAC.


    Does anyone have any insights into this?  Perthaps a proper regasm command line which allows me to provide the assembly DLL in the application directory?



    Wednesday, August 1, 2007 5:18 PM