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  • I want to define multiple areas in one single Excel.range object. The purpose is to colorize multiple different areas by setting one single range. This should save time using the excel interop, which is very slow in such operations. The problem is, that i get an error (HRESULT: 0x800A03EC) when i try to put a "big" Address line into the range. Could somebody tell me if there is a limitation using the excel interop and anybody have a solution for colorizing lots of areas at once/in a fast manner?

    The "big" address line in the example is just to show you, where the problem is. I know it does not make a lot of sense to put A1:A2 multiple times into the address.

    Dim objExcelApp As New Excel.Application
    objExcelApp.Visible = True
    Dim objExcelWorkbooks As Excel.Workbooks = objExcelApp.Workbooks
    Dim objExcelWB As Excel.Workbook = objExcelWorkbooks.Add
    Dim objExcelWS As Excel.Worksheet = objExcelWB.Worksheets(1)
    Dim rng As Excel.Range
     rng = objExcelWS.Range("A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:A2;A1:

    Friday, December 13, 2019 8:18 PM