Project Server Events -Events Do Not trigger & Not Able to use PSI/CSOM in Event receiver RRS feed

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  • Hi Team,

    Currently I am using MS Project 2016.

    I need to write a Event which will need to do the following:

    1. Detect the tasks that were Edited or Added or deleted in a project on Saving(Not sure Why there is no Saving event in MS Project??) or OnPublishing.

    2. I tried using OnUpdating,,OnUpdatingPWaProject,OnupdatingScehduledProject,OnDeleting,OnentitiesDeleting,OnPublishing in my code. But during Debug only the breakpoints related to On Publishing event are detected. But other events do not get detected.

    3. I tried the following

    i. Updating Tasks and then save and publish  - Here Publishing event was caught by debugger

    ii. Deleting Tasks and then Save and Publish - Here Publishing event was caught by debugger

    iii. Deleting a Project from PWA - No Event was caught by Debugger

    4. The Events OnUpdating Fires when any changes in Project summary is made and OnUpdatingPWAProject fires when any change in task is made in PWA.

    5. Based on the above, My assumption was that OnUpdatingScheduledProject should fire when any update is made from MPP but I notice that this event doesn't fire from MPP or even PWA. Any idea when this event fires?

    Can anyone help with understanding when will the different events of Project Server trigger and which events I am supposed to use for my code?

    Also, Can anyone help me with how to use CSOM or PSI in my Event Receivers?




    Tuesday, May 8, 2018 7:17 AM