[UWP - WinJS] Application resource and localzation string are not updated after a system reboot (on Xbox only) RRS feed

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  • This issue has been blocked me for a while.


    I am maintaining an UWP by WinJS project,   This project is built for PC Windows 10 and Xbox one platforms. 

    [Issue description]

    On PC Windows 10 environment , after I changed the system region and region language followed by a system restarting, and reopen the my app,  application localization renders OK.

    However, on Xbox , sometimes the app won't update the localization strings to current OS language. 

    For example, 

    original OS language is English , my app displays English <- expected.

    I changed OS language to Spanish , my app sometimes won't update to Spanish properly <- not expected.

    More surprisingly is, if I keep changing OS language to a new language , my app will display the previous OS language text. Does it look like a OS bug on Xbox or something?  I configured 10 language by taking the sample from 

    uwp samples 

    I will upload screenshoots  and links for reference later after my account verified.

    Friday, October 18, 2019 7:53 AM