IXMLHTTPRequest2 (IXHR2) and PLM RRS feed

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  • When using BackgroundTransfer, PLM is automatically handled. Win8 documentation specifies that for smaller web transactions in C++, IXMLHTTPRequest2 should be used. What are the interactions with PLM at IXHR2?

    • Is an Abort sent to the applicaiton beofre the app is suspended?
    • Will I receive an abort upon resumption of the applicaiton?
    • If the result returns while the app is suspended, is it thrown away or cached?

    It seems that the BackgroundTransfer class and its guarantees with regards to PLM and delivery make it far more suited to many applicaitons, even with smaller payloads, unless there are some guarantees with IXHR2. So what are the specifics of IXHR2 and PLM.


    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 6:56 PM

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