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    I am an automation test engineer who uses quicktest professional as the automation tool. I want to run automated gui tests when system is locked. The application is IBM Lotus notes. My requirement is to check if the application is busy performing some action or it is free. The only way (which i know) to check if lotus notes is performing anything is to check whether the cursor is busy (wait cursor) or it is an arrow. Unfortunately when windows locks, keyboard messages and mouse messages from the automation tool is not processed. So the cursor never changes from busy state to free until i unlock the windows.

    I thought to call WlxActivateUserShell function to activate the shell but so that mouse messages will get processed. But i am not sure if they will work. I tried with InvalidateRect and UpdateWindow but i could not succeed. I would like to request information about two things.

    1. What happens internally within windows when we lock it? I mean with respect to devices, windows painting (i guess this does not happen). What i only know is windows has three desktops, default, screensaver and winlogon desktop. While locking it switches from default to winlogon desktop.


    2. How will i get the cursor information from within the locked window?

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    Friday, November 6, 2009 4:55 PM