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    Hello there,
    right now i am at start of a new project with asp .net websites and a database. Since my last project was set up with oracle an the connection wasn´t a problem at all, now i have to work with Mysql, an the connection part is driving me crazy.
    I downloaded Mysql Connector net (tried several versions) but i can not chose Mysql server in Database explorer. Now i read somewhere there are some problems with the express versions of Visual Studio (i worked with VS 2010 web developer Express).

    So i thought: Try Visual Studio 2010 normal and everything will be alright. But again i can not chose Mysql.
    This ist the way i tried it up to now.
    Connector installed
    Start new asp .net project
    copy Mysql.data.dll and mysql.web.dll in bin folder
    reference both in visual studio
    add using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;
    trie to create a new connection, but Mysql isn´t there in the List.

    Don´t know what to try next, so please:

    If someone have any suggestions how i could try to get a connection, please respond.


    Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:36 AM