Infopath - Drop Down fields in a repeating section, setting value and gets data from a database view RRS feed

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  • In Infopath I have two drop down fields (part of the repeating section) the fields gets data from a database view,  when I choose a value for the first field it populates the second field through a rule, everything works fine so far, When I insert second repeating section of these two fields and choose another value for any of the two fields it populates both fields with first repeating section value. 

    So I did some testing and playing around and found out if I choose the last value (for any of the two fields) in the list for the first repeating instance then my second repeating instance gets the right selection what ever I choose but if I choose a value which is not the last one for the first repeating section then it meeses up the later sections. also it happens as you add more repeating setion i.e. Third or fouth repeating section.

    Anybody has seen and know how I can overcome this please let me know.



    Thursday, June 9, 2011 4:00 PM