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  • so I just started with azure. I have provisioned a virtual machine. can log on. my question is, what is the deal with data disks? this isn't explained anywhere. IOW, for instance, what is their actual purpose? Am I SUPPOSED to add a data disk to my virtual machine, to put any of my user data on? (i.e. am I supposed to leave the C: drive pristine with only the operating system?) Or is this optional, and I can just go ahead and utilize free space on the C: drive, such as for example putting my deployed demo websites in C: inetpub folder, etc. (I am only using the vm to put small technology demos on it with relatively small amounts of data). And if I DO add a data disk to my vm, does that cost more money? If so, how much? Those questions are enough to start with...
    Friday, July 18, 2014 1:35 AM


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