Creating Heat Map in a shp file RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    i try to create a heat map on a shp file. its a map with tables which should have a color depending on the business volume for each table.

    so i created the shape file in visio exported it to dxf and converted it with the help of CAD2Shape 5.0 to a shp file.

    now in Visual Studio i Create a Report from the table of ms sql which i want to analyse. the table has a "table id" and "business volume". there are several entries with the same "table id" which i want to sum up.

    so now i pull the map from the toolbox in the report and select my ESRI Shape File. Now is see the preview of my map, correctly.

    next thing i change is map visual and i choose analytic color map.

    next window i select the DataSet1, where are my "tableID" and "business volume".

    next window i select that the map id of the shapes is the same as the "tableID" from my sql table. in the botom preview i also see the "business volume" with the "table id".

    so now my problem is on the next window.

    so when i select in visible fields #ID i see that the tables has the right "table id". so next step is i change it to SUM(Business Volumes) but it does not sum up my business volumes. there are values that cannot be. the legend says between 200-990 but my values are bewteen 5-75.

    so what do i wrong? can anybody help me?

    if my explanation is bad please answer and i try it to explain it a better way.

    thank you in advance

    regards, florian

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010 12:00 PM