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  • this is a multiple set of questions

    the first question is when i upgrade my program from visual basic 6 to visual studio it places over 10000 lines of upgrade warnings nearly tripling the size of my program half of them are warnings of cant deturmin value of x  x is a lable or button the upgrade cant tell the differance between lables and values so it decides to treat them as variables so it makes dim statements and declares them as such placing 5 upgrade warinings and dim statements for each button or lable it incounters this is a extreamly complicated program with over 1000 check boxes verry dam anoying it dosn't efect the conversion of the program in fact it converts the program over just fine with only about 20 lines that i actulay have to fix from the original program and about 40 lines of dim statements i have to remove from the upgrade possess to make it work in visual studio

    the question is how do i get visual studio to not put all those upgrade warnings into my program that i can not remove

    i had to cut and past the code into text files and write a program to remove them and then past them back into the project

    now my second question has to deal with the general performance of visual studio 2008

    when trying to work with this project it take aproxamntly 3-4 minuts to start after i press the start debug and the same time to pause it to edit it this isnt efected by the speed of the computer i am working on i transfered it over to my 2ghz computer and it is a bit faster but it is so slow that it isnt even worth the efort to even upgrade the program in visual basic 6 everything  instattainly starts stops and edits

    also when i try to edit a line after i press enter it takes close to 2 minuts to check the entire program and update stuff in the background before i can even edit the next line

    how to i get visual studio to not check my entire program every time i type something in

    when i program i want to start the program when it encounters a error i want to be able to edit it and continue and that is all i want visual studio to do the way that it is now it takes 5 minuts to edit any given line

    i have gone into tools/settings and disabled everything autorecovery autosave i have deleted all the task and todo category's  unchecked every check box this has helped but it is still to slow

    i finally downloaded visual studio 2005 and with all the tweaks in tools/settings it is working with pretty good speed but i can not get 2008 to perform the same way

    Saturday, November 20, 2010 8:02 PM

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