Report viewer cuts off part of display on 2nd loading RRS feed

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  • Hi 'O Wise Gurus,

    I discovered a strange behaviour on report viewer thinking it was my code being incorrect. ClearBeforeFill is set to true & the data is correct in the server tables & the stored procedure is producing the correct data. However on calling the viewer the first time all is correct. 245 pages all appear correctly formatted etc. If I close the viewer say having left my scrolling half way down the page so the top half of the page is now off the display & I realize I wanted to look at something else in the report so click the button to load it again I get the portion that was off the top of the page not visible & I cannot scroll up to see it. I have to close the project then restart it to be able to view the complete report. If after viewing & closing I call it with a filter in my underlying data to only view a particular group of data then it will show as if I've scrolled down but the top portion is not accessible off the screen.

    Anyone experienced this before & any idea what to do to remedy it?

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018 5:45 AM