[Python][Web Apps] Issues with installation of python in the Azure RRS feed

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  • Fromひがしー  (@east_ipp) via Twitter who tweets:

    “azureのwebアプリでpythonのpackageがちゃんとインストールされないみたい何だが原因わからん #azure #python #bottle”
    (Roughly translates as: What seems not package properly for the installation of python in the azure of the web app, but I do not know the cause #azure #python #bottle)
    Customer referenced the documentation on and added: “azureでpythonのwebフレームワークBottleを使用しています。
    (Roughly translates as: “We are using a web framework Bottle of python in azure”
    の通りに作業を勧めていたのですが requirements.txtが更新してあるにもかかわらずroutes.pyにimport文を書くと サーバーエラーが帰ってきてしまうという状態です。”
    Translated as “We were encouraged to work as of but is a state that would come back a server error and write an import statement to despite are the update is requirements.txt. ")
    Customer provided the below screenshot:

    and added:
    環境は OS Xのterminal python3.4.4 を使っています。

    (Tranlates as: Environment is using the terminal python3.4.4 of OS X.)

    Tweet URL: and through DM
    Appreciate if you may be able to advise the customer on this matter.


    Saturday, April 16, 2016 3:54 PM


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