How to trace AML calls on ACPI and examine their parameters? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I've been 2 months already trying to trace ACPI calls done in AML with no success on Windows 10 (non-checked/non-debug version).  I've succeeded with Linux by compiling a kernel with ACPI debug and with OSX with the ACPI Debug kext and I'm disappointed that I'm failing this task on Windows.

    I'm using a free build because I've got a Windows 10 checked build from DreamSpark and I cannot get it to install, it fails the install process rebooting endlessly after choosing to use "Express Settings" for Windows 10, I believe it must be failing an assertion somewhere, hence crashing. I tried on another machine, same problem: crashes on the same place. I've tried downloading the ISO from different places, recording on different DVD writers, still same problem.

    So I tried getting the ACPI.SYS from the Checked build and forcefully overwriting the Free build, and not surprisingly, it rendered the system unbootable.

    I need to examine ACPI calls and their parameters. It can be anyway, either through the AML Debugger or overriding the ACPI tables with a different implementation which uses Store(..., Debug), and logs this debugging information somewhere.

    Is there someone out there that could help me achieve that?

    My scenario at the moment is that at WinDbg all I get is:

    lkd> !amli set logon
    AMLI_DBGERR: failed to to get the address of ACPI!gDebugger 0
    AMLI_DBGERR: failed to to get the address of ACPI!gdwfAMLIInit 0

    Thanks in advance

    Sunday, March 6, 2016 10:31 PM