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  • Hello,

    I am trying to find the source for the Data Abort exception, but no module is listed so I don't know where to look for the exception address.

    In Bruce's blog http://geekswithblogs.net/BruceEitman/archive/2008/05/19/windows-ce--finding-the-cause-of-a-data-abort.aspx there is a reference to the makeimg output. What is this file?

    So I have 3 questions:

    Q1) What/Where to find Makeimg output? (is this one per module/dll?)

    Q2) if PC does not explicitly show a module name, how can I find the aggresor?

    Q3) Is there a compilation switch or command to insert the "module name" into the Data Abort output?

    Exception 'Prefetch Abort'(3) Thread-Id=03f70006(pth=ffffc418) PC=00fe0007 BVA=00a9ee50, dwInfo = 00000007
     R0=00007278  R1=00007279  R2=d02afb2c  R3=d02afba8
     R4=83ea9e9c  R5=83ea9c9c  R6=812ca704  R7=812ca638
     R8=ffffcbd4  R9=00000000 R10=00000001 R11=00000001
    R12=00000000  SP=ffffc568  Lr=82a84734 Psr=80000033
    Exception 'Prefetch Abort' (3): Thread-Id=03f70006(pth=82ad3690), Proc-Id=03de0006(pprc=82ad3378) 'UgeGateway.exe', VM-active=03de0006(pprc=82ad3378) 'UgeGateway.exe'
    PC=00fe0007(???+0x00fe0007) RA=82a84734(???+0x82a84734) SP=ffffc568, BVA=00fe0006
    Exception 'Data Abort'(4) Thread-Id=03f70006(pth=82ad3690) PC=80086c5c BVA=0010000b, dwInfo = 00000001
     R0=82ad3378  R1=812ca704  R2=000fffff  R3=ffffc800
     R4=82ad3690  R5=ffffc510  R6=82ad3690  R7=00000001
     R8=ffffc328  R9=812ca704 R10=ffffc394 R11=00000000
    R12=00000002  SP=ffffc15c  Lr=8009beb4 Psr=0000001f

    Monday, April 16, 2012 7:24 PM

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