Corruption issues with FSLogix and Server 2019 utilizing OneDrive Files on Demand RRS feed

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  • I have a case open with Microsoft.  

    FSLogix 2.9.7117.27413 / OneDrive 19.123.0624.0005 / Server 2019 utilizing Files on Demand.

      When sync'ing a SharePoint library, the files will turn into 0KB files, then sync back up into SharePoint overwriting all of the good files. I can recreate this issue. It will also delete files and put them in the recycle bin. This issue does NOT occur on a basic Server 2019 server without FSLogix. I have a test environment setup where I am working this issue.


    The first case, the guy took my support logs and didn't respond to the case for 5 days, even after I entered multiple updates asking for a status.  

    I then "escalated" the case with my MS Rep, who had me open up another case (Sev B) with ASfP (Premier) support through the Azure portal.  I entered all the information, and the support logs into the case.  1:57 minutes later, the engineer asked me to run the support tool and attach the logs (which are already attached to the case).  I have received no response yes, 24 hours later.  

    We were forced to pay $15k for this "Premier" support, and this is how i'm being treated.

    Is that what i'm supposed to expect from Microsoft Support for FSLogix?  

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019 3:12 PM

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