WWSAPI Xml Reader maximum number of namespaces RRS feed

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  • I have a large SOAP request with a lot of unique namespace declarations that I'm sending to a WWSAPI application. When making this request, the application sends back a fault response saying "The maximum number of namespaces in scope of 32 for the document was exceeded."

    In the WWSAPI application, I tried modifying the value for the maximum number of namespaces via the service endpoint's properties. Specifically I tried changing WS_XML_READER_PROPERTY_MAX_NAMESPACES value to something other than the default (32). The problem is, the maximum value allowed seems to be a measly 35. When I try setting the value to anything higher than that, it defaults back to 32. I know that the value is being changed up to that point because it is reflected in the SOAP fault (i.e. it specifically states the value that I set, and when that value exceeds 35 it says the value is 32).

    Can anyone confirm whether the maximum value for the max namespaces property is indeed 35? Nothing in the documentation mentions this.

    For further clarity, on the service endpoint I set the following properties:


    Thursday, October 27, 2016 2:21 PM