Can someone please point me the general direction I need to be looking into for my program RRS feed

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  • Hello, I am new to software development. I have read up on C# and I have a basic understanding of the language and programming. I have an idea for a program, to solve several problems for the company I work for. I realize there are several different technologies that I could possibly be looking at, and it would take a very, very long time before I figure out what I should be using, and then it might not fit my needs. So I would like someone, who has experienced these issues and knows what I need,  to please point me in the general direction of what I should be looking for.

    Here are some of the goals that my app needs to achieve. I will be programming for windows 8.1 using the C# language with Visual Studio:

    1. There will be a centralized      "Command Center" and 15 GPS/Internet enabled Windows tablets.
    2. The Command Center is able to      see on a map  in real time, where      each tablet is and when it is traveling. This will be active at all times,      regardless if the table is on standby.
    3. Command Center receives a      incident. That incident appears on the map, which shows the location of      all the tablets, and how long each one will take to arrive at the      location. So that the command center is able to see which tablet can be      there sooner.
    4. The incident is assigned by      the command center to the closest tablet. When the incident is assigned      the table will receive a notification, some type  of alarm will let the tablet user know      he has an incident pending.
    5. User opens the tablet and      sees the new incident. User will then indicate through the table when he      is en route to the incident, when he has arrived, and when he has      left.  The command center is able to      see, in real time, when the user indicated he arrived on scene, and      departed the scene.
    6. The application on the tablet      will also have a map which will show the user visually where the incident      is located, and the navigation route guide the user there.
    7. The user of the tablet will      also have to complete reports of the incident. So the tablet will have a      list of all the incident that user is currently working on.  Command center will be able to see the      progress of the reports for each tablet/user.
    8. I will also have a supervisor      tablet that can view the status on all reports and see where all the      tablets are.

    I have a few ideas of what I should be looking for but, I'm not sure. I'm looking into Windows Azure, but not too sure exactly how the service will help me. Maybe Bing maps for the maps and navigation part, unless there is a better option. What database management solution should I be looking at. What other technologies will assist me in the development process and making sure all this info is available in "real time".

    Thanks for reading this, I know it's long and probably a lot of newbie questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014 9:09 PM


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