Does current support WLK DUA (Not HCK)? RRS feed

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  • I'm trying DUA package submission.

    DUA package submission is driver update if there is no change in code of the driver

    The following howto step2 says WST File link under the download heading.

    I can't find it. Please guide me.

    Does current support WLK DUA (Not HCK)?

    I can't choose HCK howto, HCK HOWTO needs EV certificate.

    To update a WLK submission using the Driver Update Acceptable (DUA) process

    1. From Manage submissions, click the submission ID.

    2. Under the Download heading, click WST File, and then click Save. The XML file will be saved as submissionID.xml.

    3. Open the Winqual Submission Tool application and change the Submission Type to Driver Update Submission.

    4. Click Submission, click Open, and then select the downloaded submissionID.xml file.

    5. Confirm that the driver folder location and driver path is correct. If the driver path is not correct, click Edit, and then browse to the correct driver folder path in the Driver Package tab. You should not add any new driver locales.

    6. Click Create Package. This creates the file package. The submissionID.xml file with also be updated with the new driver path.

    7. Sign the file with a code signing certificate.

    8. Go back to Manage submissions in the dashboard and search by ID.

    9. Under the View heading, click Upload driver update (DUA). Use the submissionID.xml and files that were created by WST and complete the DUA wizard.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2016 9:31 AM