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    I don't know if I chose the right title for this topic.. but any way here is what i want to do..I have a windows application, around 3000 people using it... these people will download xml files through web service and my application will do some calculations and stuff for the downloaded xml which is Schedules for our jobs.. any way this program will be paid service soon and we need to make some changes to make the program only works for subscribed people who will pay moeny.. i already have users Table which contains user names and passwords and other job info.. and i made another table which is called Payments which has "PaymentID, Method, Amount, Date, Item" Fields and each time a user pays a row will be added to this table containing the payment details.. I also added an extra field to the Users table "ExpirationDate" this field contains the expiration date.. and each time a user makes a payment i will update this field with the new expiration date for the user... and now... each time a user logs in i will check the field "ExpirationDate" and if its still validvcalid then i will accept the login otherwise i will refuse it.. it seems to work fine but i think it is not that professional... what do u think guys? Any suggestions?

    Thank you
    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 10:05 AM