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    me and my company are planning to contribute to WSP development, as people from WSP already know. I've seen many threads asking for features and sometimes WSP team replying that feature is planned or coming in short/medium/long time.

    I'd like to ask WSP team if we, as developers, can get a list of planned and upcoming features, expecially those which should be added to WSP in a short/medium timeframe. The reason why I'm asking is we don't want to engage in development of features which will be a duplicate of what maybe is 60-70-80% done and maybe end up having to throw our work away because that feature already came to WSP and we didn't know it was planned.

    Of course, I'm not asking for a promise or whatever. Just a short list of what could appear into WSP in a short/medium timeframe... let's say in 4-6 months. I think other developers will be happy to know what is planned to be realeased and what they should start working on because won't come in a short timeframe. Better if that list could be a pinned topic which will stay on top and updated on a monthly / 2 month basis.

    Thank you.



    Monday, September 13, 2010 3:09 PM