copy vs 2008 installation from one machine to another?


  • sorry, I can't find my thread from several months ago.

    Basically, I had vs 2008 professional. I screwed up trying to upgrade to 2015, and eventually discovered that from 2008 you can only go to 2010. Eventually, I got 2015 installed but I cannot load any of my old source files.

    Here's the situation: I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to fix 2015 or the source files so that I can tweak my old code.

    I do however have VS 2008 functioning on another machine. It's laborious, but I can work on my old projects on my laptop (2008) and after I've compiled, copy the exe over to my desktop. That seems to work, but is time consuming.

    PLEASE tell me I can copy the working installation of 2008 to my main machine and return to using VS 2008. I understand I cannot have 2008 and 2015 but I'm quite willing to abandon using 2015. I don't really need the bells and whistles I would get from 2015 and it's not much use to me if I cannot work on five complex programs that took me decades to develop.

    Either I have to do something (simple?) to my source files so I can use 2015 or go back to 2008.

    Help anyone? I'd really appreciate it!
    Friday, March 24, 2017 7:49 PM


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