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    I recently attended the DRC Trials in Homestead to watch my team (WRECS) compete. There was a nice robotics exposition there, complete with an OSRF booth demonstrating ROS. Neither Microsoft or RDS had any presence.

    There were rumors circulating about the FIRST robotics league using ROS as part of their program. I know of a university working toward this goal. Where is Microsoft ? RDS, particularly VPL, could be a great addition to FIRST. It's a shame if they simply roll over and give this opportunity to ROS.

    I've been using ROS for a year or so in the DRC and I appreciate it capabilities. In many ways, though, RDS is superior. One big difference is that ROS is moving forward but RDS hasn't had much momentum. Has anyone seen a roadmap from MS describing their vision for RDS going forward ?

    Thank you.

    Monday, December 23, 2013 8:53 PM

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  • RDS was an incubator for functions that are now a part of .net / WCF, VPL didn't make it  You really don't need RDS to do Microsoft robotics anymore.

    At the same time, there really is no ROS to give anything to. ROS's biggest contributor has pulled out. What remains is a community, not a single lead entity.

    But yet, I agree, MS is doing zero to promote robotics. I'm sure part of that is lack of RDS community momentum.

    Tuesday, December 24, 2013 12:30 AM