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  • Hoping to capture the eyeballs of an engineer in the Windows experience group to solve an issue I've encountered with the Gatherer component of Windows Search.

    A full description of the issue is detailed at Maximum vector size for properties in Windows Search in Stack Overflow.  Basically I've hit a limit to the array size in the System.Keywords property stored in SystemIndex.  As soon as I exceed 20 tags, the subsequent items are truncated even though the IFilter is retrieving them all.

    I've looked at the documentation available online and I see no reference to this limit, so I'm unable to ascertain if it's basically a undocumented limit or an actual bug.  Since the source code isn't publicly available, it seems that only Microsoft engineers would be able to review the code to determine what causes this.

    So are there anybody from the Windows experience group that can help or is there some mechanism for me to open a support ticket (I don't have a MSDN or TechNet subscription)?

    I guess the possible outcomes would be 1) Share a setting or config value to increase array size, 2) Change Gatherer component code to increase fixed array size, or 3) Won't fix, but will document limitation.
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