Get Values From Table and Sum it, depend of selected date RRS feed

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  • I do not know exactly how to describe, but I look for the solution to the following problem. I have two tables one is rooms with different options and prices, second table has increased the price depends on the date, like in image

    Depends on the options of accommodations in ListView options appears type of apartment like in img

    Using datatable i receiv this figure

    It is ok, but limits me, in case if the customer wants to add another type of apartment

    trying different method  finaly i create some like above but problem is in first item in the ListView Sum increased is ok (40) but in second item i have total. 

    It is maybe a different method, but at the present day I have eclipse in my mind,
    can use the Dictionary or IList ?, I do not know what would be more effective
    //Id of room type
      int ROID = int.Parse(RTyp.Text);
      var pq = from prod in _db.ApartPrice
                             where prod.StartPrice <= day && prod.EndPrice >= day && prod.RTId == ROID
                             group prod by prod.RTId into gr
                             select new
                                 TotalPrice = gr.Sum(p => p.Price)
                    decimal MySuma = 0;
                    for (day = Cal1.Date.AddDays(1); day <= Cal2.Date; day = day.AddDays(1))
                        foreach (var grp in pq)
                            MySuma = grp.TotalPrice;
                            KL += MySuma;

    Saturday, February 27, 2016 1:36 AM


  • simple solution is everytime the best

    decimal MK = 0;
    for (day = Cal1.Date.AddDays(1); day <= Cal2.Date; day = day.AddDays(1))
        var ro = _db.ApartPrice.Where(s => s.StartPrice <= day && s.EndPrice >= day && s.RTId == ROID);
        foreach (var item in ro)
            MK += item.Price;

    And effect. All price is correct depend of type of room, including when cliebt want insert another typ of room.

    because the controls (Label) do not exist yet the formula must be in OnItemDataBound

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