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  • If it were up to the user then there is a way to turn it off.  I found this discussion because even with a physical keyboard attached (type keyboard) that dang thing pops up all the time when browsing web pages. Extremely annoying and no it doesnt go away on its own.  We need additional configuration options to directly CONTROL it as a user regardless if the mouse set to jump to the next click spot (because the touch pad is combersome and not as responsive to some people) automatically activates the keyboard in draw mode, where it should be an option to turn it off.  Maybe its there, but if it, then is it is very difficult to find.

    How about allow the open the keyboard when they want it like with a hotkey (a hot key solves the problem if not in desktop mode).

    Issue with the touch panel for the mouse is related when browsing and you have the mouse set to jump to the net most logical click spot (because moving the mouse using the touch pad is not as simple as a mouse and is not as responsive as it could be especially when Windows thinks you moved the mouse starting from the far right or left) when you see something on the webpage (like a typical menu at the top of ebay for advanced searching or to click in the search box for example) that you want to click on and put your finger on the touch pad and begin to move the mouse toward the middle of the screen (depending on if you started from the left or the right side) it thinks you just intended to open a control panel from the right or the task switcher from the left when in fact the mouse was never that far from the side of the screen and all kinds of popups happen automatically when you finally get the mouse to the spot you want it, including the keyboard and side panels are making it annoying to use a surface from typical casual web browsing.  Pr4ess the option with you finger on the screen and at first it doesnt realize you are trying to click somewhere, so you start to get trained to use the mouse that is if you can find the proper way that doesnt create a ton more things to happen which you never intended.

    Sunday, July 13, 2014 11:30 PM


  • Hi MilkenKarie,

    Please post comments and questions about using Windows in the Windows forums on http://answersmicrosoft.com . The thread and forum you posted in are for developers to discuss writing their own apps.

    The touch keyboard will open when you touch a text control. It shouldn't open automatically otherwise. If you're seeing otherwise you may have something wrong with your system. Normally touch pads provide mouse input and not touch input and so shouldn't trigger the input panel, but I believe there are some 3rd party or OEM implementations which bypass Windows's touchpad code and could give the behavior you describe.


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