Blob storage - Write Once Read Many (WORM)


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  • Thanks for creating this, I thought there might be an easy yes/no answer so I asked on twitter. 

    I read through the HIPAA compliance article here, and while HIPAA-eligibility is on the right track, what we're concerned about are retaining financial industry correspondence (I think with respect to SEC rule 17a-3/4? Not exactly my area). The solution we're looking for is some form of WORM/cold storage so that if one of our clients is audited we can guarantee that their messages sent through our system are saved and untampered with. 

    If there isn't some prebaked solution, we could look in to designing some kind of DB schema that does what we want, but I just thought a better setup might have cropped up since 2011.



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  • Hi,

    I'm afraid the WORM feature is currently not supported with Azure Storage.
    You could however provide a feature suggestion for the product group to consider using the following link:


    Saturday, August 22, 2015 8:27 AM