Create App Store packages => Version does NOT increase


  • I've encountered a very strange situation: 

    I updated VS2015 with Update 2 RC.  Then I had to re-install the authenticator app on my phone. Shouldn't be a problem, should it? Since then I am experiencing problems with one UWP app:

    I am not any longer able to build packages for the store.

    Well, theoretically I can build version X.Y.Z but this version is already in the store.  AUTO-INCREMENT on the app version does NOT work.  And when I manually change the app version this is also being ignored.  So I thought "do it the hard way" and manually changed the version number in package.appxmanifest file.  No success:  VS2015 always builds version X.Y.Z regardless of what I'm doing - therefore I can't update the app in the store with this existing version number.

    Why did I mention the changes to the authenticator app?  Because since this moment, VS2015 presents me not 2 but 3 choices when I want to build the packages:

    Do you want to build packages for the windows store?

    • Yes (as <AppName> by <Publisher>)
    • Yes (using a new app name)
    • No

    In the past, I've only seen "Yes" and "No" as options.  So I think there must be some kind of "identity-problem".  Did I mention that the project ist the very same? (=I did't create a second project and try to replace the existing one.  No, it's the very same) - All the internal IDs are the same.  I've associated the app again and again with its store app - no success.

    Do you have any ideas?

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