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  • I am developing a windows store app for 8.1. I have included various resources in the application and want to use different resources for each resolution. So I followed Microsoft documentation link which states the usage of scaled images. I put all my images in Images folder and named them as

    Images.scale-120 for 480x800

    Images.scale-160 for 720x1280

    Images.scale-240 for 1080x1920

    devices. But after I deleted my initial Folder and used only these folders no images were shown. So my question is how to name folders as per scaling and use these in windows store app.

    Monday, April 6, 2015 9:30 AM


  • Hi Rohit,

    It looks like you're using the qualified files syntax to try to create qualified folders. This won't work: the syntax is different. See How to name resources using qualifiers for details.

    The standard naming convention is


    For your Image folders, create a subfolder named for the qualifier rather than appending the qualifier to the folder name:

    • Images/scale-100/foo.png
    • Images/scale-140/foo.png
    • Images/scale-180/foo.png 
    • Images/scale-240/foo.png


    • Images/foo.scale-100.png
    • Images/foo.scale-140.png
    • Images/foo.scale-180.png 
    • Images/foo.scale-240.png

    Also note that the valid scales are slightly different for Windows Phone and for Windows Store apps, and they are based on the DPI not the raw resolution (1080x1920 could be low DPI on a large monitor or high DPI on a small one). See the scaling plateaus at Scaling to pixel density and Choosing your app images . The specific values you had don't match either.

    Monday, April 6, 2015 2:49 PM